Filter Bags

Filter bags serve as the filtering media in filter bag housings for liquids. Our polypropylene bags with sewn seams and molded handles offer high flow rates with low pressure drops for excellent performance in most fluids. Single and multi-bag filter housings are available in several different piping arrangements and materials to meet your application needs.

All of our filter bags are nominal rated, meaning they will remove down to the specified micron size, but have no percentage of efficiency. It may be necessary to order bags with finer micron filtration to give the desired cleanliness of the fluid. Absolute rated bags give 90% efficiency with the specified micron size. Absolute rated bags can be supplied but are non-stock. Contact Cyclotron Products for additional filter bag options.

Part #Description MaterialSizeOD (in)Length (in)Micron Rating
P28-019-05 Polyester Filter Bag 5 Mic Size 4Polyester44145
P28-019-25 Polyester Filter Bag 25 Mic Size 4Polyester441425
P28-020-03 Polypropylene Filter Bag 1 Mic Size 1Polypropylene1716.51
P28-020-01 Polypropylene Filter Bag 10 Mic Size 1Polypropylene1716.510
P28-020-02 Polypropylene Filter Bag 25 Mic Size 1Polypropylene1716.525
P28-020-005 Polypropylene Filter Bag 5 Mic Size 1Polypropylene1716.55
P28-020-050 Polypropylene Filter Bag 50 Mic Size 1Polypropylene1716.550