In 1978, Cyclotron began its journey of building superior coolant filtration systems with a handful of loyal customers. Today, Cyclotron has become a leading supplier of coolant filtration systems throughout the US and Canada, representing such industry sectors as:

  • Machine Tool Builders
  • Carbide Grinding
  • Engine Manufacturers
  • Metalworking
  • Aerospace

Proven Approach

Our team works with customers to understand their application in order to direct them to the proper type and size of filtration system. Complete design and engineering capabilities—in addition to in-house machining, sheet metal fabrication, welding and painting—enable us to build all our systems and electric controls to customers' specifications. We also stock a large inventory of replacement parts to support our products. Our customers will testify that Cyclotron systems are built to last, standing up to the toughest of requirements.

Core Values


We are honest, ethical and forthright in our dealings. It inspires trust when we honor our word and do the right thing.

Value and Durability

We want to create products that are worth creating and will endure the test of time.

Quality Customer Service

We aim for excellence by being highly responsive and by providing timely communications. Whether it be acknowledging orders, replying to inquiries or shipping products, we strive to keep information flowing and processes moving forward with sensitivity to time and detail.